As a part of our Institute’s IEEE club we developed a Humanoid Robot for the Institute, so that it can be used as a prototyping platform for research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Gait synthesis, Human Robot Interaction etc.

The Humanoid Robot developed has a total of 24 Degrees of freedom. CMOS cameras embedded into the head as eyes to support stereo vision, face recognition and image processing. A microphone is also embedded on to the head to support voice recognition. Implementation of Active Balancing Algorithm (both static and dynamic), by taking feedback from 8 force sensors in the feet, gyroscope and accelerometer, this enables the robot to walk on various surfaces and resist fall on application of pushing force. The controller boards used are two  Beagle Board-xm ARM9 with 1GHz processor.  A Wireless PS2 joystick to control the robot manually and a simple GUI-software  to check the status and working of the robot.

Ritwik Avaneesh, Nikhil Ravikumar, Shweta Jain, Gabriel thomas, Piyush Kunder