Industrial grade CNC are expensive and not accessible to everyone. This project aims to make a low cost 3-Axis CNC router and Milling machine using using off-the-shelf components. The design is kept simple and minimalistic, such a desktop CNC is aimed at students, hobbyists, inventors or for people to get some machining job done at home. The first prototype built, is easy to use and costs 1/8th of the commercially available CNC machines of the same specifications and can be modified to meet the user’s specific requirements. Although the prototype does not have the accuracy, precision or speed  of its commercial counterparts but it is a great machine to get small projects done in the comfort of your home or garage. This project aims at user customization for their personal fabrication needs at a very low cost.


CNC router and milling Prototype

The router frame is made of MDF wood. The design is a  gantry system.


X Axis stepper motor.  Low cost drawer slides used as linear rails.


Regular M8 threaded rods as lead screws and low cost 608ZZ ball bearings.

Y Axis stepper motor. Semi flexible aluminum couplings.


Z Axis stepper motor.

Limit switched placed on all 3 Axis


GRBL compatible controller attached to Arduino Uno.


CNC mill at work.